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I’m increasingly getting called upon by local businesses to promote their website at a local level. I thought I ought to write a little article on how to increase local search engine visibility. These are techniques you can apply to your website to get better rankings. The points below are a combination of learnings from experience and learnt from industry experts David Mims, Moz and LocalSpark.

Location of Business

If you’re based in Cardiff and trying to market your services to customers in Swansea you’re going to have a harder time than a business based in Swansea. Its likely that you will have directory listings, citations and a Google Local Page all referencing your Cardiff address.

So how do you get round this. There are a couple of obvious strategies:
1) Buy an office in Swansea. Obviously a very expensive option. However the proliferation of virtual offices and shared office spaces means it may be a cheaper option than ever before.
2) Build separate geographical landing pages. These will be specific to the area you want to target. Obviously they can’t contain a Swansea address as you don’t have one. It will be hard to compete against local businesses with a physical presence who have a Google Plus page, but its the best you can do presently.

Proximity to Centroid

The Centroid is the centre of your local town or city. The exact centre is unknown and studies have shown that the Centroid can vary according to industry. That is to say the centre for physiotherapists in Swansea may be different from the centre for accountants in Swansea. Whilst its unlikely you’re going to uproot your business to the Centroid, it may become an increasingly important factor in business location decisions.

Inbound Links

Its still important to have inbound links into your site. The higher quality the better. What are high quality links? They’re links from websites that Search Engines deem to be important. Links from low quality directories will score much lower than links from sites that are an authority in your sector/ industry. The links you need to target are two-fold:
1) Industry Specific
2) Location specific.


Citations – simply mentioning a part or all of the business name address and phone number matter. A citation does not include a link to your website. These are important for local listings.

Google Plus Local Page

If you want to appear on local listings you have to have a local Page. It is IMPERATIVE that the details on this page match the details on your website. That is to say the Name, Address and Phone number must match. Try to get your customers to leave reviews on your page. Try not to get them to do this all at once – a steady trickle of reviews is seen as a lot less “spammy” than a rapid influx of reviews.

Domain Authority

In short how important does Google think your website is. Key factors that influence Domain Authority are number and quality of inbound links, age of your website and structure of your website.


If you’re trying to promote your website locally try to put the business location into the title tag of important pages. Particularly the town/ city and region.

Our Local SEO Package *

So how do we get you seen locally? Through the following 6 step plan:
1) Understand your business
2) Keyword analysis
3) On site optimisation
4) Building quality Links
5) Listing your business in relevant directories
6) Giving you ongoing homework

Rather than charge an ongoing monthly fee, we like to front-load the work so you get your results as quickly as possible. After a period of up to 3 months we then hand over the reigns to you to do further SEO work in the knowledge the foundations are strong. Typically you will notice improvements within 2 months with incremental improvements from this date.

* This package requires input from you the client. We need to know your business. You therefore need to be prepared to explain your business and give us relevant copy where necessary.

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